Marriage Counseling & Parenting

Communication, personality types, parenting style unification, disciplining, and financial planning are given to prevent many causes of domestic violence and family unhappiness. We use the acclaimed FamilyImpact(Lets fix the Kids!) parenting, Parenting with Love & Logic, the COLORCODE and other excellent models for marital and family therapy. We use clients' spiritual strengths, if available, to help with therapy. We also offer LDS counseling in harmony with LDS values.

Parenting Workshop (Your Co-Parent is free!)

We offer evening or weekend classes or a single six-hour block on Saturday, utilizing video presentations, live demonstrations, and materials for home use. The workshop focuses on fun and effective parenting skills, family rules, age-appropriate responsibilities, manipulation, anger management, discipline, single parenting, inter-generational patterns, parenting teenagers, and overall family happiness. Parents find the fun, humorous, and sensitive presentations immediately effective in bringing more peace to their homes. They learn how to get the kids to work and accept "no" without argument! Seriously! It really works!

Victim Assistance Services

We constantly help victims of domestic violence and other crimes apply for Crime Victims Reparation and Medicaid. We also help them find housing and give Community referrals. This is a not-for-profit service. We've helped several families escape abuse, change their names, and move safely out of the state from their abusers.