Intensive and General Outpatient Addiction Program

Upbeat and interesting groups are offered evenings, weekdays, and Saturdays. Informative sessions allow you to talk about and get help with your specific challenges. We also use multimedia to present useful topics such as the nationally-known PRIME for Life, dealing with families, Triggers and Coping skills, Thinking Errors (Cognitive Restructuring), Recovery Skills, and Relapse Prevention. We encourage Free family involvement. Separate and combined groups for men and women are held 1 to 3 hours each, so you can attend whichever groups best meet your schedule week by week. This flexibility really reduces your stress with work and personal commitments.

Thinking Errors

This course covers: (1) Tactics of Power and Control, (2) Criminal Thinking Errors, (3) Blocking Communication, (4) Power Thrusting, (5) Attitude of Ownership, (6) Moral Inventory, and (7) Changing Thinking Patterns. The group is designed to help offenders recognize how their thinking patterns may have led them to deviant behavior and their current problems. When new patterns of thinking replace old thinking errors, more responsible behavior and happiness follows. Thinking Errors also helps us recognize when others are using them against us to dodge responsibility, such as "You made me do it because you wouldn't do what I wanted..."

Driving Under the Influence

The PRIME for LIFE DUI class is an interesting 16-hour face-to-face class, taught in four groups of four hours each. The PRIME for LIFE program adheres to the Utah State curriculum for alcohol and drug education. Instructors are Utah State/PRI certified.

Alcohol & Drug Education

This workshop is taught in a single six-hour block on Saturday (with lots of breaks!) It follows the Prime (PRI) alcohol and drug education curriculum. The instructor addresses the low and high risks of alcohol and drug choices. Emphasis is placed on individual understanding and assists in changing awareness for both youth and adults. A 12 step program is also available as needed. As with all workshops, education can be taught during individual therapy sessions at your convenience.

Color CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION are printed and faxed/emailed the SAME DAY you finish, and you keep the originals.